I treat all my students as mature, responsible adults, capable of making intelligent choices and aware of the consequences of those choices. As such, I am willing to meet you halfway when you encounter difficulties and problems in the performance of assigned tasks. But I will not make accommodations for inattentiveness or neglect. It's up to you to seek me out if you are having difficulties, and this should occur quickly. Waiting until the end of the semester, the day an assignment is due, or just before an exam is to be given to seek assistance is NOT considered "halfway". I DO care about your success in my classes. I hope that you will show me that you do too. Below you will find a list of what I perceive our responsibilities to be.

As your Instructor, you can expect these things from me...
1. Organized class sessions covering material appropriate to the course.
2. Assignments designed to illustrate and reinforce concepts presented in the lecture and/or the text.
3. Exams covering the material presented that require mastery of the concepts taught and the ability to apply these concepts to solve problems relevant to the topic.
4. Timely feedback in the form of graded assignments and exams.
5. Availability via email, during office hours and at other mutually agreed meeting times, and other venues as indicated, to answer questions about and provide assistance with the material covered and/or assigned.
6. Fairness, consistency, and flexibility in grading.
7. Maintenance of minimum learning standards.
8. Privacy and accuracy in grade record maintenance.
9. Access to assignment and exam keys as indicated.
10. Respect and consideration for the instructor and your peers.

As my student, I can expect these things from you...
1. Attendance and participation in class, with an emphasis on asking questions when comprehension is not achieved.
2. Dedication of sufficient amount of time to read, analyze, and complete assignments by the specified date.
3. Seeking help when needed - well before assigned work is due or the exam is to be taken. A month's or semester's worth of content cannot be condensed into a single, wait-till-the-last-minute request for help!
4. Respect for and consideration of others (no cellular phones, pagers, private conversations in class, etc.).
5. Constructive and honest feedback on course evaluations.
6. Acquisition of information on class activities and assignments when absent.
7. Monitoring of email and the class web page regularly and frequently.
8. Focus on mastery of the material presented instead of the grade to be earned.
9. Acceptance of responsibility for learning.
10. Academic honesty in all course work.

Also, you should be considerate of your instructors and fellow students by observing these rules of good behaviour:

  1. Don't sleep in class! (If you are too tired to stay awake, then go to bed!)
  2. Don't carry on a conversation in class with anyone other than the instructor (unless of course you have directed otherwise by the instructor). This includes conversations via texting, email, phone, and orally with your immediate neighbors.
  3. Don't browse on the computer!
  4. Avoid coming late or leaving early. If you must do this, then let the instructor know in advance.
  5. When sending emails, be sure to address the recipient respectfully and also be sure to identify yourself in your message, especially when using a non-SEU email account.
  6. I'd also suggest not asking your instructor if s/he did anything important in class today should you happen to miss it!
  7. If you unable to participate in some event or attend some class session, it is expected that you will be considerate enough to inform the event organizer or instructor that you will be unable to attend.