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What Is FARM?

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Beginning with a dinner a week before the official commencement date, the School of Natural Sciences will be offering a series of workshops for STEM majors in conjunction with the living learning communities (LLC). Funded by the National Science Foundation, the FARM workshops are comprised of a series of class and laboratory sessions during the next three days that are intended to give you a head-start in your studies in your respective science disciplines, and potentially the beginning of a career in the sciences and mathmeatics.

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On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (students enrolled in Wednesday Orientation Session 6 will not be able to attend Wednesday sessions) you will hear presentations from the various science disciplines, perform challenging laboratory tasks, and get an overview of the nature of research and problem solving in science.


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Attendance at FARM, participation in special STEM major activities in the fall, and enrollment in the SCIE 1199 course (Science Seminar), in the spring will enhance your chances to secure a position in the one-week summer research projects on the SEU campus and possibly an 8-week funded summer research opportunity at the end of the sophomore year. Computer Science majors may also have an opporuntiy for a funded 6-week summer internship at a local Austin technology firm. Regardless of your future career plans, participation in research or an internship is a terrific opportunity to build your skills and resume that is rarely available to students completing only one year of college study. Follow-up activities are planned for the sophomore year to further burnish your skills as a STEM researcher and leader.

Student comments

  • It was very helpful to hear advice from people who have gone through research in the natural sciences, and hearing from students what to expect from classes was very informative.
  • It (FARM) showed me what type of research i could get involved with.
  • We got to work in groups and it was fun.
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